A Good Start for the Week

Our first full day in Wrocław, Monday, marked the official start of our language adventure. We gathered at 10:00 AM, ready to dive into the world of English language learning. Our coordinator had arranged for us to receive public transport tickets.

The day’s journey led us to the Semper Avanti office, where an array of interactive activities awaited us. We met our Teacher George, who is very kind and funny. The atmosphere was buzzing with nervous energy as we embarked on our first challenge: get-to-know-each-other games. Among these, „Getting-to-Know Bingo“ and mutual interviews stood out, not just as icebreakers, but as our first real test of conversational English. These games were not only fun but also incredibly effective in fostering a sense of community among us.

After the morning’s activities, it was time to shift our focus to more structured learning. We tackled a series of worksheets that gradually increased in difficulty, challenging us to apply what we had learned in a more formal context. The day culminated in a test that, despite the initial groans, turned out to be a valuable opportunity to assess our understanding and areas for improvement.

With our first session behind us, we were dismissed for the day. The evening was spent wandering through Wrocław’s Old Town. The sights and sounds of the city were a great experience, it was very beautiful!

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