First sign of live

Hi everybody,

Finally we got our Internet connection so we can actually start writing articles in this blog.

Yesterday, we arrived at Belfast at about 17 o’clock after taking the bus at 14 o’clock in Dublin. The appartement I’m living in is great. I’m sharing it with my collegue Mr. Boese and some spanish guys. The room is small but I feel comfortable with it. Getting access to the internet was quite easy 😉 . We got an UMTS stick from O² after discovering the city in ridiculous 5 hours ^^. Here are some Pictures of the house in Delhi Street, Belfast:

Tomorrow there will be my job interview for Nitec which is the company I’m going to start working next monday. Kevin Shine, who’s responsible for the organisation of all participating students (yes here I’m traded like a stundent and OSZIMT is called a „College“) is going to pick me up and drive me to this interview. I hope that the guys from Nitec are satisfied with my appearance.

I think thats all I can report until now.