Arrival and first day

Hey all,
yesterday was the day of our great travel to Belfast.
Our flight was dead in time and we arrive in Dublin 12.45 local time.
Then we bought bus tickets to Belfast and on our trip we saw the wonderful landscape and cities.
As we reached the end of the line, our contact person Kevin Shine picked us up and bring us to our apartments.
I live with Steffen and Friedrich in an apartment which is located in the south of Belfast.
Our view from our 2 balconies is breathtaking, the rooms are great and our 2 bathrooms are big.
In the evening we solved our first problem, the fuse is blown as we turned the light on. We called Kevin to help us and 10mins later he was on the ground and tell us what we can do to solve the problem. Then we ate something and watched a film.
K.O. from this day we went sleep.

Today we did all shopping and discovered the city. We bought new netcards for our mobile phones
and an UMTS-stick. Because we have 3 laptops and 1 stick, we practice to setup an ad-hoc net.
Then we cook us a warm meal and write this blog entry.
Greetz Riccardo