Weekend @ Belfast

Hi there,

Finally, I god rid of my cold.Yeeehaa….

The spanish guys are so fuc….. funny. Their English is really bad, but they use their own words. For example:

the fridge is -> the cold box,

the freezer is -> the very cold box,

the oven is -> the hot box

and the kitchen units are called -> individual food box

Yesterday they all got drunk and started to get crazy. One of them wanted to take a shower and, I don’t know why, the others tried to avoid that. During this time they destroyed a lamp and the door of the bathroom. Sebastian and I were downstairs in the livingroom and we heard just a lot of very loud „BANGS“. So actually, we do not really know, what has happened^^.

After a lot of beers we decided to go to a Pub, I cannot remember the name, but it was really cool there. The music was very loud that if I wanted to talk to someone I had to leave the Pub and have a Cigarette. Outside, I met about 20 different people from all over the world. I got used to speak english with an american accent, so that one irish girl actually thought that I came from America^^. I found out that it is really easy to find someone to talk to. All of the people here are very friendly and appreciate that I’m trying to talk in their language.

Now, I want to go to a Pub called „Botanic In“ to watch the final of the FA-Cup. I hope that the beer is not to expensive there.

When I’m back, I’m gonna have to tell some more funny stories of the spanish guys :). I don’t know whats going on in their heads.