A Dublin Night

Hello to all!
I think we now had the first days, where the weather was not so good.
But we have made the best of it …
David and Sebastian from Belfast visited us on Saturday, also Marco and Alex, from Herberton apartment were there. We drank a lot of beer in our apartment; we knew how expensive is the evening. see David’s and Lee’s entry.
Then we went to a pub which is called by all: “Le Cirk”, go there and drank a beer and have moved on.

Then we landed in the Tempelbar Street, where we found a club with live music and we have gone into it. The name of this club I do not remember. There we saw also Lena’s win at Euro Vision Song Contest. It was there on television. Then, when David and Sebastian have spent enough money, we have brought them to the bus station.

But for us was the evening of course not over yet! We went to a pub, where we picked up two other friends of Lee. With which we went into the “Porter House”. A very nice club, which brews their own beer!
But unfortunately the club closed about 3am and we went home.

See you next time!

2 Gedanken zu „A Dublin Night“

  1. omg, i would sooooooooo love to be there with you guys. awww, i so wish i had the money. i have to think about it again. actually from today to sunday would’ve been a great idea since we had off today. it was a holiday in nrw =)
    do you have room for me in your apartment?
    idk, reading how much fun you have in the lovely city of dublin with all its fancy puby and stuff, i do get a little bit jealous. but i am so fucking happy for you!
    maybe we can come back together some time later? what do you think?
    well, talk to you soon 😛
    enjoyyyyyy :*

  2. ohhh YES! Of cause you can come!
    From tomorrow until 10.06. is the second occupied bed in my room. But then … free, I think.
    You can come whenever you want!
    That would be really cool…

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