See the Cliffs of Moher

Hey all!

My girlfriend and me left the visitation of our instructor very early, because we had a trip to the Cliffs of Moher from Saturday to Sunday.

We set the alarm to half past 5am to get started for our visit. We left the apartment at half past 7am and took the LUAS to Abbey Street to take the GoBus directly to Galway.

These Buses are very cool, because they are clean, fast and have WLan on board, which we didn’t use, but it’s a nice feature. Instead of surfing the internet, we used the bus journey to see beautiful landscapes of Ireland from Dublin to Galway.

By all appearances Ireland isn’t the country of sheep. On our journey we saw much more cows than sheep. I don’t know, perhaps the sheep are only in special regions.

The bus journey to Galway took 2 hours 30 minutes. We arrived at Galway unknowingly when the bus to Doolin starts, because the information we found is from 2009. Fortunately, we only had to wait 45 minutes.

We utilized the free time to have breakfast and to purchase some medication for my girlfriend, because she felt getting sick. Safety first!

The bus from Galway to Doolin wasn’t as good as the GoBus, but the bus driver was awesome. At beautiful places he drove slowly and he organized a transport to our accommodation, because the bus stop is 4km away. This bus journey took 1 hour and 35 minutes, all in all we spent 6 hours to get from our apartment to our accommodation for the night.


We moved into our room and slept for an hour, because we were so tired.

We tumbled up and decided to hike to the Cliffs of Moher to see the landscape instead of calling a taxi. Unfortunately the way to the Cliffs is longer as we expected.

After 2 hours hiking we needed a break and something to eat. We found a bar and it was really delicious.

We were prepared for the next 2 hours, which we had to hike to reach the Cliffs.

Finally, we reached our arrival point, after hiking 3-4 hours on normal streets in towns, farm tracks and country roads, which was sometimes very dangerous, because some roads are very curvy, so some car drivers didn’t see us walking.

The Cliffs of Moher are very impressive. So massive and beautiful. Have a look to the pictures.

We wanted to see the sunset, sadly we had to leave. I mentioned before, that my girlfriend felt getting sick and the hike finished her off. It wasn’t so bad, because the weather was very cloudy and it wasn’t possible to see a lovely sunset.

We were very surprised that the taxi back to our accommodation only cost 20 €. Afterwards it was nevertheless a nice hike for such a long time without seeing any other people on few ways.

The next morning my girlfriend had 38°C, therefor we did nothing except sleeping and waiting for our bus back to Dublin. Nothing special more happened on Sunday.

So see you soon and take care!

PS: Have a lot more pictures, on request, don’t want to spam^^

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  1. Wow, the pictures you’ve took are very impressive. You have a really good camera, haven’t you? My camera isn’t that good, unfortunately the quality my pictures too… Now, after I saw these, I actually want to go there too, I love the Irish/Northern Irish landscapes… ^^ May I have a look at all your pictures after we’re back?!

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