SMS to SCCM 2007 Migration

Finally, last week the new server arrived and I could start my work. I will work together with my co-worker Owen (a United supporter 🙂 ). We installed Windows Server 2008 (64b-bit) and SCCM 2007 on the HP – Server.(Intel Xeon – 8 processors, 12 Gb memory)

On Tuesday and Wednesday a Microsoft – Expert visited and helped us with the installation and migration from the old system (SMS). He was an italian therefore I had no problem to understand him. Because he spokes really slow and „basic“.

He showed us what we had to install to use SCCM 2007 (ASP, SQL-Server etc.) and the first moves with SCCM 2007. Furthermore, we could start to migrate from the old system to the new one. All clients (about 900) from the different locations of Translink must be assigned to the new site server (called CMS).

To accomplish this, we had to move the different boundaries (about 80 subnets) from SMS to SCCM. The german word „Fleißarbeit“ hits the nail on the head to describe this task. After it, the SCCM – Server knew all clients and we were able to perform the client installation (to manage the clients via SCCM 2007). We decided to perfom the installation piecemeal, because we don’t want to overcharge the network.

The clients installation takes a lot of time, but we migrated 500 computers so far. Hopefully we can complete this task today, because tomorrow the italian – expert will visit us again.

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