NetRiders Germany Contest 2010


Nothing special is happening at work. I am still uploading all the old e-mails to the new mail server and besides I am learning for the CCNA Voice to pass it after our internship.

My girlfriend is feeling better, so hopefully we can start tomorrow to visit places, which we have not seen yet.

Maybe you heard about the Cisco NetRiders Germany 2010 contest from Mr. Henze. I decided yesterday at 11pm to create an account for the competition, deadline was 12pm, and to participate in it today. I did so and do not feel very well with my result, but finally it was enough to achieve the third place of all who participated.

That means I won a place to compete in the International NetRiders 2010 contest against my peers in more than 40 countries to win a trip to the USA in January 2011 on 7 July.

I also won a CCNA voucher. Now I can do my CCNA exam, which I already passed, for free. 😀 Maybe I can transfer it to a CCNA Voice voucher. 😛

I really do not know if I start learning to maybe (…) have a chance to go to Cisco in the USA for a week or do it just for fun.

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