…. to be looking for a needle in a haystack

I told you, that a microsoft expert came to us at tuesday. We were able to send out some packages (Service Pack 3 Update) to a few clients.
Unfortunatly there are still some clients who are not configurable by SCCM. Most of them are offline, these are not a problem (just wait). The problem are the clients who are online and still not assigned to the site server.
To find out the reason why, it’s very complicated and it’s like to be looking for a needle in a haystack (only for you Basti ;)).

This weekend is the „girlfriend-weekend“ because Olis and Davids girl will be here and I have to move down to the couch.

Finally the World Cup starts today!! I’am looking forward to see all the matches!


And to everyone who are waiting for another Groundhopping Part:“It’s not over yet!“

Stay tuned!