Hi to everybody!

Yesterday, Sunday, was the World Refugee Day. The Africa Centre and other social organizations took part in a fair play football cup organized by the UNHCR.

I was also playing for the Africa Centre and it was a lot of fun. I think we reached the semi-finals and were knocked out by a more professional team, who played together before. There were free drinks and free food for all players. All in all in was very nice.

After the cup, Mbemba, the guy who is responsible for me, asked me and another intern, she is from the United States, to lunch. We went to an Italian restaurant, which makes very good pizza.

Today, at work, I backed up their old accounting software “Quicken 2002 Deluxe”, because I have to reinstall the computer where the software was installed.

My CCNA Voice knowledge is going ahead, but it is a really hard stuff.

Not more than two weeks till the internship will be finished. I am looking forward to see my girlfriend and being home again.

See you soon.