Work on Site

Hey everybody,

That’s just a short explanation of what I’m dealing with right now at work. Since Yesterday I am „on site“. That means that I take care of problems concerning customer’s networks. Yesterday I had to configure a Cisco Router and a Firewall to provide secure Internet access. I also established a VPN tunnel to the head office of the company. It took about 4 hours to realize it, but finally it was working.

Today I am on a different customer site. I reconfigured the firewall here as well. I had to change the external IP address because their old one was on the black list caused by spam mails originating from their server, which hast been hacked before. But it is all fine now. As you can see the internet is working right now. The internet at our house at home is not working sufficiently so I just write the article from here. The next one will be on sunday, because it will be a busy weekend for me. I think all of us is dealing with all the different papers and sheets we have to fill out for the oszimt and the projects.

Let’s see if we can provide all requested documents until we come back :).

Leo: I was just upset about Mr. Bavar writing to all of us as a group  and tagging the Mail to CC. That could defenitely lead to trouble with our companies.

 I don’t think that all of us aren’t writing enough Blog entries. It’s just a few.

So sry for my aggressive comment dude…