Apartment Crawling and got sick…

Day 05 – 14/05/2010

Hello to everyone,

I was right. Now I have a bad cold with fever, headaches and a blocked nose. Therefore I asked Mbemba if it would be better to stay in my bed to get healthy and do not infect someone at work, because the office is very small with many people in it.

Fortunately, he accommodated my request and I could stay in my bed the whole day until Alexander Holuscha changed his apartment from the Lad Lanes to Herberton. So I had to switch my room, too.

They first wanted to accommodate us in an apartment with no internet access and roommates, who appeared to have the hoard and clutter syndrome. When Ricardo, the caretaker of the Herberton Apartments, opened their bathroom, he was fighting with himself to not vomit on the floor.

So he understood that we want to have another apartment. We are now accommodated in a two bed apartment with the dark prospect to change our accommodation again on Monday to an apartment for six people. We tried everything within our power to stay in our currently apartment – so just wait and see what will happen on Monday after our work. Hopefully they will forget us .

Do not get sick…

Day 04 – 13/05/2010


I got a closer look to the e-mail system from the Africa Centre and told them that it would be better if they changed their method to get the e-mails to IMAP, so they have access to them via the web access at home. Unfortunately, each e-mail address has only a capacity of only 40MB on the servers from hostireland.com.

Because of the enthusiasm of the possibility to have access to their e-mails from everywhere they rang their provider to ask for more capacity. So just wait and see if it is possible.

I do not feel very well, because it seems like that I will get a cold. L

Do you want to start your own business?

Day 03 – 12/05/2010

If your answer is yes, then you have missed a good seminar about: „How to start your own business“ organized by the Africa Centre for Africans and all other people who were interested.

One guy talked about how he started his business. He owns a company which refuels motor-lorries while the driver is not allowed to drive because of his/her idle times which he/she has to keep. So they have motor-lorries, too, and drive to the motor-lorry, which have to be refueld.

After my worktime I went to DUNNES to purchase some food for me. It is difficult to find well-known german products there, e.g. the german „Quark“ :). I asked many people but nobody know what it is, they only know Sour Scream and Creme Fraiche.

In the evening I made me a pizza and watched the final of the Europe League.

Hm………….. I do not know………. Bye..^^

My first day at the Africa Centre…

Good Morning to everyone,

this will be my first day to work at the Africa Centre. I have to take the LUAS from Fatima to Abbey Street where the Africa Centre is, so I am a lucky guy, because it is only something around ten minutes drive.

So, I am back from work. Of coure, what else, I reached the Africa Centre at 9:30, 10:00 was arranged, whereby the person who I should ask for was not there, so the coordinator of the Africa Centre, called Eric, welcomed me and introduced me what the Africa Centre is doing and what I am going to do there during my internchip for eight weeks.

The office is very very small but there are looking forward to expand their organisation with new rooms to have more space to work and a place for young people, not only africans, to be together. Unfortunately, the owner of the building is not in Dublin up to and including August.

I think it is enough for today, so see you soon, bye bye 🙂

First day in Dublin…


this is Marco Hübner. I am doing an internchip in Dublin/Ireland for 8 weeks and therefor I am going to write my impressions @ this blog.

Our aircraft took off Berlin Schönefeld at 11:30 and we arrived at the Dublin Airport at 12:50, but it was a 2h 20mins flight due to the time difference in Dublin and Berlin. In Dublin it is one hour earlier than in comparison with Berlin.

A bus driver of the SWAN Institute took us to our appartments. 5 are living at the Herberton Student Residence and the other 9 at the Lad Lanes appartments. 4 of us have one appartment and I have to share mine with 3 irish students. I only got to know 2 of them, Brian and Simon. There are very friendly and I am hoping this situation will improve my english as well as this internchip in general.

The appartment is fine.  There is a big living room with a nice kitchen. Each room with two beds has its own bathroom with a shower.
At 16:00 we were invited to the SWAN Institute where we get some money to buy a week ticket for the LUAS and they told us how we can get to our workplaces and to which pub we should go. *haha*

So that was my first day, nothing special, only missing my girlfriend.