First day at CAPITA


Today we started working at CAPITA, one of the largest business process outsourcing and professional services company in the UK. The only way to get there for us is by bus. First we got a little shocked because the bus only drives every 30 minutes. But luckily, we got there by time and spoke first with the lady at the reception. As usual she had these funny Irish accent. Simply wonderful. We had to write down our names and the visitor card number on a piece of paper. After that Jamie and I met with Gareth (my supervisor) who asked us about our flight and the momentary wonderful weather in Belfast. Then Jamie and I went to our supervisors. After that Gareth and I visited the canteen to get a hot coffee. Our first big surprise was some minutes later: There weren’t any small offices like in Germany. It was one huge office with countless small desks. Large white dividers separated the tables from each other. We tried to get a place where we could talk to each other, but that was not so simple. The complete room was filled with murmuring and the clicks from a million key strokes (Only an estimate, we haven’t count them…). Gareth took me around CAPTIA and introduced me to the first and the second tier team. A tier team is defined by different levels of customer support. After the introducing, Gareth told me that I can attend the first tier team and later also the second. It was really interesting how they work and which programs they use for the ticket system. At 12:30 AM we went to lunch and talked together about the fascinating Northern Ireland. The second part of the day I was introduced in the backup software and the helpline, where people can call and get helped or assigned to the tier two team.

How time flies, suddenly it was end of our working day and we had to go home.