My first day at CAPITA

Yesterday was my first day at CAPITA I didn´t really know what to think mostly I was excited.
In the morning I had to go to work by bus, it took me like 20 minutes and then a 3 minute walk to be there.
At the entrance there was a front desk with a nice lady who already waited for me and René, she gave us visitor passes and we had to sign a paper with the time we came in.
After that a guy named Gareth came to us that was Renés supervisor, Gareth showed me my supervisor called Jamie.
Me and René got split up and Jamie took me to the department where I had to work, it is an Hardware repair service. He introduced me to Jeff my mentor he already knew about me and welcomed me very friendly.

We did some small talk about my time of residence and how I feel about the people and Belfast, we talked about the weather in Berlin in comparisson to Belfast.
Jeff showed me the ticket system which he´s working with, he introduced me to my other new colleagues, there are all very nice.
My team had a breakfirst at 11am and we talked about the company and Belfast, after that a colluege showed me how they detect errors and how to repair Laptops and tablets, which software there a using and how to run tests.
The tools they use are usb sticks with ubuntu and check software to verify if there are any problems with the CPU or RAM and other hardware parts.
At 12:30 am we had the lunch break and I eat something with the colleagues and René. After the break we got back to work and Marcus showed me damaged laptops that isn´t covered by the warranty anymore.
About 3:00 pm we had a tea break 15 minutes and talked about must see´s in Northern Irland and about the history of Giants Causeway. After that I got back to work.
The time went by so quick that René and my supervisor Jamie were standing next to me to tell me that we can go home because it was the first day.
I think that the company is a great opportunity to learn something and to improve my english as well.