getting to know the museum and it’s hidden tehnologies

Today we were on a little trip around the museums closest to us, to see where all the IT-related technology is hidden. You normally would not believe how much hidden things there are in a museum about transport or the old Irish culture. But I won’t go to much into details because that is usually kept a secret. ;-P


Besides the It stuff we were also shown most parts of the museum to see what it has to offer. And I must say, if somebody is interested in old sea, land or sky vehicles, he or she is very welcome to visit us at any time.
I also thought about a change in my career and thus opened my own tea room and ticket shop.


Besides our tour we had a few little things to do in the office, and as the saying goes:
if you like to do something, time passes twice of even more times faster than normal.

And I really can confirm it, the time went by so fast I couldn’t even tell.
If we, Dominik and me, heard correctly, our real tasks start from next week on. But neither does that scare us nor are we desperate or frightened. We look happily  it and will do our best or even more to satisfy Robin and his marvelous crew.


On our way to work and back we drive through America, as you can see on the train station. That is probably the price you have to pay if you want to be a real IT-specialist. 😀