My 24km tour through Belfast

Yesterday we all met at Max’s and Dominik’s house and cooked noodles with tomato sauce. It was a relaxed evening and very nice to be with almost all members of the group and talking about the experience of our work. Today on saturday 13th we all met and walked to the Saint George’s market. There you can buy clothes, food, music, pictures and more. After we walked a round over the market we split up and I took my own way to play Ingress. For those who don’t know what Ingress is: Ingress is an augmented reality game where two groups are fighting against each other worldwide. One team is green (the illuminated) and the other team is blue (the resistance). The aim is that each factions are trying to conquer as much terretory as possible under so-called control fields, which are built between portals. Portals can be found at real existing attractions, statues, buildings and cultural places and must be found with help of gps coordinates and the scanner app of the player. So I started my tour through Belfast to capture some unique ones. On my way I walked along the River Lagan, over the Victoria Square, the city centre and so on. Particularly the side streets are very interesting because of the many graffitis. In my opinion the city acts more happy and seems more atractive because of them. Sometime I was really exhausted and sleepy so I headed back to my house and realised that I walked about seven hours and 24km.

For translation in german and better quality of the pictures, click here