St. Georg’s Market

This was our first weekend and we decided to visit the St. Georg’s Market. Built between 1890 and 1896, it is one of Belfast’s oldest attractions. Market stalls sell a diverse range of products from fish, to antiques and fresh fruit. We planned to get there at one o’ clock AM. Some colleagues at CAPITA told me some musts to see there. My supervisor owns a stand and sells tea. When we arrived at the market we went through the complete area. You smell the different sorts of food everywhere. I decided to eat a Steak Burger and a rice spicy chicken wrap. It was really delicious and I was really well-fed. After the break I wanted to visit my supervisor Roy who sells his tea. At his stand a fascinating fragrance was in the air. Countless sorts of tea were on his table. Konrad and I looked for a tea that was different and unknown. After I found a tea Roy asked us if we want to try it. It was not only a good smell it also tasted really good. By the way the name of the tea was “Cherry Green Sencha” and “Mango Tango”. After St George’s Market I went to Max and Dominik and we watched a movie at their accommodation. It got really late (around 1 AM) and there was no bus anymore which could bring me home. But it wasn’t so bad. I used that opportunity to go home by foot. As a reward I earned a charming view of Belfast at night.