Relaxed monday

After I played Ingress and explored Belfast almost the whole weekend; a new week starts. Luckily on mondays the museum is closed for public. Arrived at work we first talked a long time about the still available construction site at home in our bathroom. Alone that would be an article worth. Later that day as we were on our way to the supermarket, Konrad and I randomly came on the subject to buy a new soundsystem for our home, but suddenly our colleagues were so nice to lend us one from their stock. Now we can listen to music from our laptop without the tinny quality. After lunchtime we drove together with a colleague to the Ulster museum to finish some tasks. The first task was only to change the SD card in one of the information tables. As the next task we updated the AntiVirus software on some computers because of the malware known from the weekend. After we had all done our colleague was so nice to bring us home, even the Ulster museum isn’t far away from that. We used the remaining free time to shop and cook some food. Before the day was finally over I had some time to also install some updates on my windows and I could even work on one of my projects.

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