There is always a light in the end of the tunnel

If you keep reading our blog regularly, you’ve noticed probably, that it got pretty quiet around me or rather my stories. I was very stressed and not really in an appropriate state of mind  to write a new blogpost in the last couple of days, to be honest.

Marie mentioned and gave a clue at one of her previous blogposts already that there was a not really nice happening at our accommodation on Saturday night. I wouldn’t like to go into further details on a public platform, but this is also the reason why I’m going to move out next Tuesday and found a new accommodation by my own. It was the only right decision because I really like my company, the work and the fact that I’ve learned a lot of new and useful stuff until now already. It’s worth to invest in this great opportunity and keep on going, even it felt like a nightmare for me in the last days somehow. But I know that my internship will pay off for sure.

…and as the title of my fourth blogpost says: “ There is always a light in the end of the tunnel.“ This is so true! After sorting everything out by my own, I feel even much stronger, better and so eased and appreciate this whole work experience at Locate a Locum even much more after struggling the last days. I’ve a fantastic family, Afib-trainer and colleagues, who support me to the fullest, which make me feel even more welcoming and like a little family somehow. I know it sounds strange maybe but some of you may have made some great experiences with the very warm Irish culture and mentality already. At this point I want to thank my wonderful Afib-colleague Marie as well for supporting and standing behind me from the beginning! I owe you! At least a delicious, self cooked dish of your desire!

And we all should keep in mind: It’s never a wrong decision to raise its voice – it’s the ONLY right decision!