On the road

Yesterday I was the first time out of Office and in the city with an engineer.
It was an exciting experience to go out to the customers. At first we had been to a warehouse to change a label printer.

The warehouse was for supermarket food and I never saw a warehouse that big, everywhere was cans and bottles.
The label printer worked after we tested it for some time, we left then to the next customer.
But first we made a stop to eat something at our lunch break.
We drove about 30 minutes to MINI a car seller, the people there had a problem with they´re printer.
The duplexer in the printer was faulty and we repaired it and then there was a new problem the printer printed out the sheets with some stripes on it.
So we went to a warehouse from CAPITA near the MINI car seller and grabbed a new printer for them, the old printer would be fixed in the CAPITA workshop.
We replaced the old printer with a new one and had do configure the settings on it because we had the configured page from the old printer it was very easy.
In the end the printer worked successfully and the employees from MINI were very glad about it.
The last stop was at a Hospital but just behind a secretary’s desk, we replaced a faulty printer there and the printer worked perfectly.