A lot of walking on Weekend


Second week is over as well as the second weekend. On Saturday we saw a little bit more of Belfast. At first we met at the Belfast City Hall at 3 p.m. There was a behind-the-scenes tour through the historical City Hall. The tour lasted nearly 30 minutes. The tour was for free and we saw some important rooms and hear a lot of the history of Belfast and the City Hall. After the tour we walked through the streets of Belfast until we arrived at the harbour. By the way the members of our group were: René, Max, Konrad, Jamie, Marie and myself. At the harbour we sat for a while and Jamie left us and we went seperated ways. The rest of our group walked at first to Marie’s house to have a look how her room looks like. After that we walked to Max and me house to cook something for dinner. René and Konrad bought at the St George’s Market a hugh meat packet that we prepared. We spent the whole evening together with cooking, eating, turning off the fire alarm after it turned on and we watched some movies.

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On Sunday we went to the zoo at 11 a.m. Our group was nearly the same like on Saturday insteat that we lost Konrad because he wasn’t interested in visiting the zoo. But therefore Jamie returned to our group and Philipp joined us too. The zoo was very intersting because the zoo is build at a mountain. Therefore the area and the enclosures of the animals is adjusted to the terrain of the mountain. That’s why this zoo is not comparable to the zoo in Berlin or any other zoo I saw before. To see all animals of the zoo you have to climb nearly the height of 300 metres. And that was exactly what we did. When we was at the top of the zoo there was a restaurant and we had a great view over Belfast.

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To say something about the animals: The zoo had all basic animals like lions, elephants, giraffes and so on. But compared to the zoo of Berlin it has less animals. The most time we spent at the giraffes, because Marie likes these animals a lot and by the meerkats. We was home at 4 p.m. and all of us went seperated ways because all of us were very tired.

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Tomorrow my third week at work will start lets see what the week will bring.