my matriarch came for a visit

I know, normally I write my articles every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, but today i prolonged my rhythm on purpose because my one and only mom came for a visit to Belfast.

I asked my supervisor if I could pick her up and guide her to her house. Because we had not much to do and we were at the Ulster Museum anyways he said it is okay for him. She arrived here by 12p.m. and I wrote her a manual how to get to her housing. But instead of letting her go all the way I surprised her by picking her up at the bus center. We then drove over to her place, got to know the Landlord and a brief trip around the house and afterwards my mom gave me a few things I asked her to bring over. Later on we drove back to the city and I got back to work.

only a few hours later I met with her again and we had a walk around the center of Belfast. She took a lot of photos telling me every time how beautiful Belfast is and how astonishing all the buildings look.

In the later hours we had dinner with the whole crew and talked about our week, the things we are going to do tomorrow and the coming days and so on.

And that was basically it for today. I’m really happy seeing my mom and I thing she will have a great time being here.