Cooking together

Yesterday we decided to cook chicken legs. Colloquial these legs are also called chicken drumsticks. First Phillip, Konrad and I went to a local Tesco store and bought about 4 packages of chicken legs and fries. That was about 35-44 pieces we had to cook. After the successful purchase we went to Dominik and Konrad where we began to marinade the chicken legs to get a beautiful spicy meal. We put the chicken legs in the oven and thought about what we can do next. But the time was running really fast and we had to be carefully not to burn our delicate chicken legs.  After a tiringly long hour, the first chicken parts were ready to serve. They were eaten really fast. So we had to provide for a fast supply. The oven was still hot and my task was to “throw” the last chicken drumsticks into it. We produced a spicy sauce as we used the water where the chicken got cooked in. Afterwards we spent the rest of the day together and played a funny game. The goal was to guess from an intro song the name of a children’s movie. It was quite hard to remember some names of them.

Around 1 AM I decided to leave and started my way home.