Hill walk again

On Saturday I was the guide for our Cave Hill tour. We had decided to get up the hill from the walk path that was more difficult than the other route. The sky was slightly cloudy and the temperature was colder than the day before. After half of the way we decided to take a short break. Even here was the view amazing. But our destination was the highest point of the hill. The hardest path started as we came nearer to the top. Countless little stones that could lead us to stumbling. We had to take every step with care. When we finally arrived at the top we enjoyed the dreamlike panorama and took a long break. Suddenly a beautiful dog appeared from nowhere. He must have smelled the food in our bags. Instantly he began to insert his head in our stuff and try to eat the first food he had found. It seemed he was incredible hungry. Luckily his owner arrived and helped us to get him out of our bag packs. The time ran through our hands, so we had to start our way back.