Meeting with Mr. Bavar

My morning began with some data restore. I had recognized some old files that had been restored some days ago. It seemed that the clients had deleted them again or that the restored data wasn’t the data they wanted. More and more users wanted a data restore and we had quite a lot to do. Then around 1 PM it was time to go to the meeting with our educator Mr Bavar. We met him at a coffee Bar where I ordered a hot chocolate. We talked about our employments and about the accommodation where we live. Another conversation was about what we had done already and what our tasks are for the next weeks. After that we went to a bar that Pegah had visited some days before. She told us that she had eaten in this bar the best burger in her live. We were very interested in testing one of that burgers but just as life plays Pegah didn’t know the way to the bar anymore. Thanks to technology, with google maps we found it really fast. We ordered the Brooklyn Ripper which should taste really good. It was made with pulled pork and sweet onions. Pegah really did not promise too much. The burger was incredibly delicious.