Today was a very special day, because the National Museum of Northern Ireland had a event called „Cultra Hill-climb“ and we were part of it.

It is an event where you can register beforehand and be part of a racing event on our area. Most of the cars here were either old or hand-tuned to the maximum. It is called Hill climb because the race literally goes up the hill.

Our job was to provide a few Laptops and make sure everything is working properly, IT-wise. We had a few struggles concerning one specific Laptop, because the LAN-signal was to weak to reach the Laptop, but with a spontaneous invention, where we used a mini-Switch as a Repeater, we were good to go.

I won’t go further into details, since the main event was the race. Here are a few videos that I took with my phone; sorry for the shaking. These are the main runs. There was more to see but I thought that those videos capture most of the impressions

Have fun.