A special guest


After our extra day off Philipp and I went to work on Tuesday. Colm, our supervisor, was back at work after two weeks in Chicago. So we had a meeting with him, how the last 2 weeks were and we talked about some tasks for us. We decided to participate in a new project named iRODS to support our colleagues. Now Philipp and myself are part of the Enterprise Vault and the iRODS project. In the EV project we have to deal with Windows Server and in the iRODS project we have to deal with Linux. Colm gave us this project because Philipp and I wanted to improve our Linux skills. During the week we installed some Linux VMs and also had a huge business meeting with the iRODS team where everything was explained to us. Except of the two projects some new hardware arrived in the company. It’s a matter of some laptops, some screens, an overhead projector and some workstations. The second task we got is to install the laptops and the workstations and add them to the Anaeko Assembla. The laptops have a Windows operating system and the workstations have a Linux operating system. Colm sent us a list with software that has to get installed and general changes we have to make. But he told us that the assistance of the two projects has a higher priority. Nevertheless we had time to install the laptops as Colm wanted us to. We also started to create an instruction which changes have to fulfill to a new windows workstation. We did that so that everybody in the company can install a workstation by himself without asking what they have to take care about.

On Tuesday I had to leave the office at 1 p.m. because we were visited by Mr. Bavar our trainee teacher from Germany. So all of us met in the center of Belfast at café Nero and we talked to him how the time in Belfast is and if everything is fine.He also talked to us how our apprenticeship will go on when we are back in Germany. We became hungry so we went to a burger restaurant which Pegah suggest to us. We sat down and all of us ate a burger. It was very delicious and it a was good value for money. After nearly 3 hours we went separated ways. I think it was very cool to see a familiar face and it was a very funny afternoon.

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