A rainy day at the cinema

Yesterday we met all together at 5 PM at the cinema in the Victoria Square Centre. It was hard to decide but we choose the movie Baywatch. The film was at least funny. The other option was Pirates of the Caribbean 5. We bought 6 student tickets and some popcorn and drinks. Later in the cinema, we saw that there is also a student price for popcorn. In Germany you must reserve seats but here you can surprisingly take every free seat. The early bird gets the better worm. I like that idea of choosing the seats. The movie was at some moments really funny and we all enjoyed it. The popcorn was also delicious but I ate it really fast, so unfortunately it was gone after 10 minutes, so the rest of the film I was starving. After the movie we tried to get some earplugs for Dominik because he has problems to fall asleep. The traffic noise from the street and some people next to his accommodation are soul-destroying loud. I also heard that noise, when I went home one night. But it was Sunday and the pharmacy for buying the earplugs had been closed. Luckily for Dominik, Marie had some earplugs for him. Afterwards I had to walk home because no bus was driving anymore. Like a wonder the rain had stopped suddenly. All the day it had rained really heavy. Let’s see how the weather will be the next days. Maybe it will rain all day and night until weekend or even at weekend. Nobody would really know, only perhaps the famous weather frog…