Meeting with Mr. Bavar

The day started like all other work days.  I worked on a WordPress Website and changed some users on some local PCs by remote control.

At 11 a.m. I explained to my boss that we want to meet Mr. Bavar at the city centre. He called the agency and the agency told him that Mr. Bavar will come to the company. I requested my classmates but all said that we will meet at the city centre. I talked one more time with my boss and he allowed me to start at 1 p.m. We met Mr. Bavar at the café Nero. But this Café was too tiny. We went to another one and Mr. Bavar paid a drink for us. Big thank you for that. At the café we talked about the practical training, the accommodation and my work place after the practical training. After the drink Pegah brought us to a restaurant for lunch. We ate some burgers. It was ok but a bit expensive because my burger costed 9.50 £. After we finished the lunch Dominik and I went home. I relaxed in the evening.

essen bavar