Today in the break my colleagues and me got very hungry. We decided to go to a Mall where a food court is, it takes only 5 minutes from our work to get there. The Mall is kind on a high level so I could see the sea from there. As we arrived there we waited for our other colleagues because we had to drive with 2 cars. After some time I was wondering where they are and we went down to the food court. Obviously they got there quicker than us and waited for us at the entrance to the food court. A food court is like a big hall with only fast food restaurants like Burger King and a chinese brand, KFC and Nando’s. Some of us got burger king and some of us got something different. The food court was very packed so we had to find some good seats that everyone could sit on one table. The view out of the window is actually really cool you could see Parts from the Cavehill, usually in Berlin you would look straight on some street or something. After we finished lunch we got back to work.