On the bus

Yesterday we went to Dublin by Bus. In the week Dominik Modest got tickets for René and me, so we had to give him some money for that. I woke up at 6:45 am to get ready that we could take the bus at 7:41 to the City Centre. As we arrived in the City Centre we had to walk 5 minutes to the Europa Hotel near the Bus stops there. We arrived there 30 minutes before the actual bus would be there to take us to Dublin. The others arrived 15 minutes later and we had to watch out for the bus stop and which bus we had to take. Dominik asked an employee which bus we had to take, he showed us the bus outside, and it was right in front of us. Finally I was in the bus and could sit down and listen to some music and relax. The bus drive took about 2 ½ hours, the bus had wifi and really comfortable seats. After some time I noticed cold air coming through the air conditioner and I turned it off, we could even charge our phones and other things via a USB port.