The tale of Dominik B., King of Dublin

Once upon a time, a reckless group of German interns residing in Belfast decided to visit Dublin. It was a cold Saturday morning but they were all very excited for the trip. Their vehicle arrived early and it took only around 2 hours until they arrived in Dublin. But they were fools and did not make any plans on what to do in Dublin! So they just started to walk down the large road. They did not know their journey would take some unexpected turns…

After the group walked for about 10 minutes, a rest was well needed. Luckily, a familiar establishment was nearby. They ate at Burger King. And how great was their joy when they discovered that there were high quality paper crowns exhibited. Once they finished eating, the prowler Dominik B. grabbed one of them, put it on his head and was thus crowned king. And that’s

King Dominik and his devoted servant

how Ireland ended up being a monarchy again. From then on, the rest of the group trusted Dominik to lead the way. Not only because they were loyal subjects, but also because Dominik was playing this modern game in which he had to navigate through the city in order to collect gates. This qualified him. But once the ramblers reached the park of the university (Trinity College) Dominik B. suddenly declared he wanted to split up. He gave up his crown in order to concentrate on playing his game. This questionable decision lead to separated groups. Dominik B. and Philipp went on playing the game. The other – now freed – subjects: Dominik M., Konrad, Max, René, Jamie and Marie continued to wander around the city.

The infected one, found in the centre of the picture

After a while, René suggested they should go to the Guinness Factory. The others followed his lead. It was an arduous path, the walk took over an hour. And when they arrived, they couldn’t even enter the facility. A queue, entering was moreover only allowed with a reservation. They started their way back to the centre. That’s when a mysterious illness infested two of the hiker. Dominik M and Konrad suddenly felt the urge to buy ridiculous things. They lusted for… fidget spinners; Spinning toys, which are supposed to relieve stress. The illness could not be cured, they each bought three of them.

The young roamer got hungry again, they decided on another food stop. The place of destination

A new hardworking king

was a Korean restaurant, that’s where they met ex-royal Dominik and Philipp again. It was getting late and the group wanted to get back on familiar ground. Their entrance to the bus was nearly declined, the driver said „No fidget spinners!“. But he showed mercy and they could enter after all. But this not where our story ends.

Unexpected developments took place. The next thing we knew, Max was the newly crowned King. He immediately used his power to try to access the access point of the bus. His advisor René was in Awe. But his attempts failed. Leaving the battle defeated, he also resigned and put down his crown. The first king stepped up. Dominik B. took on the responsibility of getting rid of the crown. He placed it in the bus, so that the next adventurers could continue with another King’s quest. And if nobody put it in the trash yet, the myth of the crown lives on.

The End

Autor: Marie Schmeissner

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