Lost Data and rising to the challenge

Today I was responsible again for data restores. Yesterday I had many cases, where I can’t found the data the customers wanted. They came back about 3 to 4 times. When a user loses really important data he needs to get it back. But sometimesit is an impossible task and not even I can restore it. The reason why it is impossible? The data was deleted the same day, before the Backup Server had got the data. I asked Mary, an employee from Tier 2, why the company doesn’t use shadow copies of the network drives. That would help the customers a lot because they could get back their data easier. No reason to wait for somebody to restore it for them. Mary told me, that she doesn’t know why they didn’t do it. I can imagen it has to do something with the hard drive size and also the cost that would increase. More data = more disk size and more disks = bigger server.  But luckily it was a more silent day. Less data restores and less ticket allocations. There is a huge problem at the moment that the computers getting updates and if they fail Capita has to look after them. The percentages of failed updates are really high in my opinion. The tier 2 team has to work a lot to get the amount of tickets down to zero. I talked about the problem with the two customers’ with Gareth to get an account for the telephone. Maybe at the end of the week it should be possible to call back customers if I have any queries. That would be a huge improvement to my English knowledge. But it could be also great challenge if you phone somebody who has a typically ulster accent. I going to see what the next weeks would bring. My guiding principle is always:

Rising to the challenge.