Warm weather and a sunburn

Yesterday was a really sunny and warm day like in Germany. So we decided to make a bus tour.  We met at the City Centre again. I was early as usual and waited at a sunny place. It didn’t take long until the other guys arrived. The plan was to take a hop on hop off bus tour through Belfast and to go to the Titanic Museum. The hop on hop off bus tour was really great. We saw some things that we wouldn’t have reached by feet. It was windy during the bus tour but the sun was shining, so it wasn’t too cold. Finished with the bus tour we went to the Titanic Museum. It was crowded but we got our tickets and went through the museum. It was quite interesting how much metal they have used for the Titanic. It took nearly three years to finish this gigantic ship. It was all done with pure handwork. The Titanic Museum had also a kind of ride where you can go through the different types of works they have done. After we left the Titanic Museum I noticed that I had some kind of a sunburn. My complete arms were burned and a bit of my neck. Almost certainly it came from the bus tour because we had been sitting outside.  After our trip to the Titanic Museum we went to Little Italy which was advertised by Roy at Capita. The pizza tasted really good. So it was a really good tip from Roy.