The journey: Dublin

The time its coming. We talked and planned the trip about the full stay in Belfast. We start to the Bus at 07:50 a.m. with Dominik, Konrad and Phillip. We went to the city centre. At the city centre we met Rene, Jamie and Marie in front of the Bus.

The Bus tour was Interesting because we saw the landscape from Ireland and North Ireland. And I expired that I can now access my full 4 GB Ethernet High-speed.  At Dublin we watched out for a “Hop on hop of tour” but the price was us to expensive. We decide to take a map and walked here in Dublin. At first we ate something and went to Burger King for a lunch. At the moment where we wanted to start an old man talked to Rene that we must visited a monument but no one wanted this. After we ate we started to walk in the city. We went to visit a gallery but the line was us to long. At this moment Dominik and Phillip went another way. The other guys went in a Park and relaxed a bit at this nice weather. After we exit the park Rene went to a Guinness beer company. For sure at the way we held at some shops and watched out what we can bought. The line at the beer company was also a bit too long. We don’t went then inside of the beer company. We went then after the long way in a bar and drank a Guinness original from Dublin. After we finish the Guinness we paid 4.20 £ and met with the other two at a Korean restaurant. I ate some fried noodles with chicken, beef and shrimps. After we finish ate, we won’t to the bus. At the bus station we got a lot of time left. We went in a shopping centre and watched out for something. After we finish the shopping we went in a little amusement arcade. At the end we took the bus and drove back to Belfast. In Belfast we went together with Rene and Dominik to Konrad and Dominik and relaxed there the evening.

Regards Max