Seventh Week Of Work At Locate a Locum

„Everything has an end, only the sausage has two.“ – and with the fact that this internship doesn’t seem to be a sausage, it has an end or I should say „it comes to an end“ for now.

Let’s talk about my penultimate work week. As you may have read in my blogpost „Sixth Week of Work At Locate a Locum“ read before already, I worked on the „About Us“ site for This week I started to integrate a „What Our Clients Say About Us“ section with an autoplay slideshow. Amazing, right? Looks quite fancy. Unfortunately it hasn’t been deployed yet, because we still need to collect some references and appropriate content for this section. As soon as it will get deployed, I’ll let you know of course!

The not so amazing part about this quite fancy result was the implementation about this task. To be accurate: not the function, more the styling part. The implementation was really fast, but somehow it didn’t work to adapt the style which I desired and had in my mind already. I kept on reading the documentation over and over again and kept on believing to read the documentation clearly – but still it didn’t want to work for God’s sake and made me feel quite desperate (well hello ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to the world of a software developer).

So I decided before keep on suffering and somehow wasting my time, this is more than the right moment to ask for help. Usually I always try as much as I can to figure it by my own but in this case it didn’t make sense anymore and I just wanted to go on with my work finally. I took my laptop and went to Paul. We started to have a proper check over my code and Paul didn’t get it as well why the hell it was not working as everything looked fine and right. After about 15-20 minutes he had a suspicion and had a look at the SASS files (a form of CSS, which is responsible for all the styling of a website). So it turned out that I just forget to export my created module (_contact.css). It’s one tiny line of code literally. This was one of those moments where I had a very strong desire for a punching bag… I hope Santa Claus is following this blog. He better should! Cough…

Enough whining. Here comes the result! All designed and developed by my own:

Thank god everyone is really happy with the result as I’m! Puuuuh!