Capita Warehouse Pt.2

On Thursday René and me had to go to the warehouse once again.

Like I said last time it’s very important to get done there, so we went up there with Jeff who drove us. We stopped at a Spar to get some food and drinks, and moved on. As we drove I had to guide Jeff a little bit where he had to go because he never had been there. As we arrived we already knew what to do and where to start. We put asset tags on the computers and cut the boxes and packed it backed in. This time we were even faster than last time we finish about 6 pallets that about 340 Computers. At 12 we had a little break and ate something after that we got back to work. We just had 1 hour to go, so we started to do it even faster to help them out. After we finished we were really exhausted but luckily we could relax a little bit. We drove home from Capita with a colleague, we had to laugh so much in the car because of some good jokes. As I arrived home I had to do laundry and food and such things.