Last day at CAPITA and why a part of my heart definitely stays in Belfast

Yesterday it was the last day at CAPITA. First I have to say that it was a great time at CAPITA. They tried to introduce me as much they can. I got a little tour at the beginning through CAPITA to explain the function of each department. I liked that and I am grateful they done it for me. At the time at CAPITA there where some busy moments. But it was okay because I always got some help when I asked for it. I would like to thank in particular Gareth Trainor my Supervisor. He tried to keep me as long as possible at the service desk. But at the end I felt a bit lucky that I had not to do data restores anymore. I personally hate it when I can’t help somebody because there is nothing that I can do. Such a special day was Friday. In my opinion, the teachers and students thought they were already in their weekend and deleted some data. But after three weeks of heavy Fridays you start getting used to it and it got easy to manage all tickets. At the end of my internship I was down at the workshop. Goeff, Dave and Phil were really nice to me. They showed me how to open a laptop without breaking something. Inside a laptop it is very tight and there are many hidden screws to prevent that non specialist persons open this device. We also made some jokes which were quite different from the helpdesk where everybody was busy all time. But now back to the final day at CAPITA. The guys down from the workshop wanted to give a special lunch for us today. So we went to a restaurant where we got invited. I chose my beloved Irish Beef medium and as dessert Yorkshire pudding with chilli crunchy chips. I know that meal from London where I was some years ago. It is really delicious. Don’t think about sweet pudding it is a type of bread that is really fluffy. It can soak up all the flavoured sauce and keep it. Together with the beef it gave me an awesome taste. After that we went back to CAPITA and I gave everybody of my colleagues a little cake, not self-baked but self-bought. Then I went to Gareth and told him to check his Steam Account. I wanted to make him a small present for that what he had done for me. I bought a game for him. He had a smile in his face and I told him that he could try it out at the weekend. I went to everybody and said goodbye and maybe we will see each other again when I make some holidays in Belfast.

A part of my heart definitely stays in Belfast.