Last day at Capita

So yesterday was the last day at work, I went to Tesco just to get crisps for my colleagues. They really like crisps so I thought as a goodbye gift that should be a good idea. In the morning I had to get up at 6:45 like everyday to get the bus at 7:47. I packed the crisps in a big Tesco bag and I was on my way to work. After a while when I was working everyone was in, so I grabbed the crisps and everyone could take how much the wanted because there 20 packs in the whole gift. In the break they surprised me and René to go out and have lunch with them. Jeff and the other guys drove with us to Pizza Hutt, but it was way to full and we could only sit on separated seats. So we went outside and thought about the next place where we could eat something. Jeff had the idea to eat something at the restaurant just around the corner. We arrived there and waited for a colleague, he had a day off but he wanted to spend the last time with us also there. Before everyone got out of the car Jeff rushed into the restaurant just to make sure there is enough space for all of us. The restaurant was really nice and good looking, as we were finally at our table we ordered and had to wait about 25 minutes to get our food. The food was really nice and good but for me it was a little bit too spicy, because my mouth even started to burn. After we were finished and had really good conversations we drove back to our workplace. René and me went up to the work field where René worked at and we said goodbye to everyone and René had some gifts for the people there. We even took a picture together with them. Then we went downstairs and now it was my turn to say goodbye to my team. We all felt kind a sad but in the same time we were really happy to spend so much time together. I even went to a Football match with Dave so I will definitely stay in contact with all of them. I was really blessed to have such a good team who were so opened about everything. Jeff even drove us home after we said goodbye to everyone, we had to give our work badges to the secretary who deactivated them so we could keep them. As we arrived at home we had a little talk with Jeff the last time which was really funny. I really thank my whole team at Capita.