The Thursday at a big office

I was half an hour earlier at work and printed a plan for the routers. I went up to my boss and he told me that the Ethernet was broken. Our Provider had some problems.

He called the provider and got the Information that the provider will have found a solution till 2 PM. After he called the provider, we drove to the customer. On the trip my boss and I talked a bit about my practical training and my stay in Belfast. Arrived at the customer’s house, we searched the entrance and went inside. At first we spoke with one of the CEOs and went then to the network setup. I wanted to take the first look at the technology there. I saw a lot of CISCO and HP switches. And of course the Sonicwall and the little Vigor Router positioned in the rack. I reached out to connect to the network but I couldn’t connect to the router over the network. And then my laptop was running out of energy and I had to ask my boss for help because I needed my laptop for the configuration. We searched for a socket for the laptop and found one inside of the rack, we demounted a plate from the rack. After we wanted to mount it back in, the boss ran into a problem with that but I could help him. Then I connected directly to the router and it worked. So, I wanted to connect to the router via Ethernet but I got no connection. I activated DHCP and now my directly connected laptop got an Ethernet connection. But if I try to connect my laptop via a switch (which is directly connected to the router), my laptop can’t connect to the Ethernet. And then I saw that we needed three WAN connections for the WLAN, the VIRGIN LINE and for some other Phone connections. The Boss told me to re-connect him. I did it, but the old one didn’t work anymore. I am sure that I connected him correctly. After a 5 minute search, I saw that I connected 2 cables wrong, I changed the cables back. Everything worked now and I helped another college at the company. We helped a customer with scans and Windows black screens. It was my first time to directly communicate with a customer. After we finished this, we wanted to drive back to the bureau, but my college needed to get to another costumer and I took the bus back to my company. At my company I ate my lunch and then completed some WordPress tasks. At the end of the workday my college told to me that the VPN wasn’t working and I wanted to solve it. I wanted to resolve this on the same day. I was 15 minutes over my worktime but the VPN worked finally. The problem was, that only two dial out VPNs were created, but you need one dial out and one dial in for VPN.

In the afternoon I didn’t do anything interesting. I’m proud that I found a solution for the problem with the router.