Printing and explorering

Today, on friday we hadn’t much to do except for the 3D printer. This time I printed a mobile phone holder for my OnePlusTwo. After the printing that lasted five hours I painted the whole holder silver except for the logo. This I painted green and black. The result isn’t what I excpected but it’s ok.

After break we went off with our boss Robin and our colleague Gareth, to find the blacksmith on our property. This was also the first time for our colleagues to explore the plot. We past some old barns and huts and even some cows, goats, sheeps, donkeys and other animals. Altough the property is darn big, we found the house from the blacksmith. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there so we looked couriously through the windows and saw some swords. Very beautiful!

And this was all for the day. Later I’m going to sleep early because tomorrow me and some other member from my educational year will drive to Dublin.

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Hill Climb

Today was the Hill Climb event and of course I won’t miss it, so Konrad and I went to nine o‘ clock on work. There we met with our colleagues at the Menor. (The Menor is a Villa on the property of the museum) Audi had exhibited five cars and some other people exhibited there oldtimer. At first we helped our colleague to lay a network cable outside. We crimped it three times but it never worked and suddenly I had a idea: maybe the distance is to long? Long story short, we attached a little switch and it worked! For the rest of the day we had nothing to do anymore, except to fill the generator two times with petrol. Sadly I couldn’t enjoy the whole day because I had some problems with my pollen allergy.

All in all, the motor race went well except two cars had a small accident. Before I write more about the cars it’s better I show you some pictures because: one picture is worth a thousand words.

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Wlan for the Ulster Museum

Since wednesday a employee of HP is on our work, to help our boss Robin setting up a new wlan network. Unfortunately, I could’nt help them but it was interesting two watch what both were doing. At first they set up a Aruba 7010 controller by updating the firmware on it. After that they created some SSID’s for the network.

On thursday (the 2th) we didn’t drove to our normal workplace in cultra but right into the Ulster museum. In the server room Robin and the HP employee worked on the configuration of the controller and even drafted a virtual one. Because it took longer then expected, I think they had some difficulties.

Meanwhile i spend most of the time saving user datas from a computer to transfer them to another system. The day before i pre-installed a new SSD hard drive on the computer, so my only task is to copy the user files but this took the half of the day.

In the break we went to a sandwich shop near the museum and because I love the sandwiches, I ordered two of them.

Today on friday preperations were made for the upcoming Hill climb event. I prepared a computer, so a user will be automatically logged in with the help of „Autologon“. Furthermore I disabled the standby mode, so the computer won’t turn off.

Otherwise there was not much going on and I went to bed early.

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The Sonic Screwdriver

After it was „Bank Holiday“ and I had one day off I had to work again on tuesday (the 30th). At work I installed Windows 10 on a laptop and finally encoded it with the help of the safety-tool „BitLocker“. Of course, the 3D printer was in use again. I printed a screwdriver, a sonic-screwdriver! And what does a sonic-screwdriver do? Exactly, it sonicscrew drives. Well… in german it sounds funnier. To paint our printed objects, Konrad and I put some money together and bought some spray cans. I lacquered my sonic-screwdriver and I must say it looks really great!

After work Konrad and I realised that we forgot our food, as before which we bought in the break for the evening and therefore we had to buy something new. This time we ate chicken cutlet with sauce and rice and I drank a german beer to that. I was wondering why the bottle was so big and then I saw it was a six hundred and sixty millilitre one. I also noticed that my beer i not imported? It was brewed in the UK! Scam!

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Weekend at the montain

At the weekend we all drove as group with the bus to the Cavehill mountains. The bus drive was about thirteen minutes. When we arrived we all ran up the mountain. I really must say the climb was harder then expected because it went after a short time steep uphill. Up higher there were only trails but it was really interessting and the view at the first break was overwhelming! Together with some other group members I climbed into a cave but it was unfortunately full of garbage and grimy. Then we all had to ran only a few meters to reach the top and there we made a bigger break then before to enjoy the view. Despite fog you could see the whole of Belfast. The descent was very simple and there was always something to see. For example: free running cows.

On saturday evening (the 27th) we all met at Konrads and my house to eat dinner. Like the day before we made chicken wings but this time four kilograms. Rene was so kind and marinated everything for us! After dinner we suddenly began to look at cartoons from old children’s series and we even looked the one or the other episode. I think no one will really grow up and it was very nice to see that some of us recognized the one or the other series again.

Today, on sunday I relaxed and played something on my laptop.

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Everything as always

Honestly I am not even sure what I should report. The week started well as always and at work were the usual tasks. On monday (the 23th) we were once again in the Ulster museum an exchanged a power adaptor from one of the info tables. Right after we changed a broken light bulb from the big beamer. Before we did this we all read the manual, because the beamer costs a few ten-thousand euros! Luckily the exchange was very easy and fast to do. Like usually I printed some models on the 3D printer. This time two spaceships from the game „Elite Dangerous“. Sadly only one model looked good because the other one tipped over.

Today Konrad and I went to a big Tesco because we have more choices there. As we arrived we first had to think about what we want to eat. At the end we bought some marinated pig schnitzel and pommes which we prepared at the evening.

Oh, i almost forgot; on the 3th of june there will be a race on our work. It’s called „Hill Climb“. There will be a few old cars racing against time. Accordingly there will be also a live stream on the website of the museum which shows the starting line. Guess what? Our boss said I can try a few things concerning the live stream because he wants the time from each car displayed in the stream. Well this sounds interesting. I hope I can do it!

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Weekend Tour

Like the last weekend I was on tour to play Ingress. This time I drove on saturday to Lisburn; the place Konrad and I are knowing because of the ride in the express train. As I arrived I was surprised because I heard loud music and suddenly a carnival-like parade passed me. I decided to follow the masses of people to the Wallace park. There were a few old timer exhibited and there was even a big fair. Over the cordoned road drove behind the bandwagon some new and old military wagons followed by some people dressed up as dinosaurs. As it turned out later it was the „Mayor’s Carnival Parade and Family Fun Day“ event. The rest of the day I explored Lisburn and at the evening I drove home.

On sunday (the 22th) I wanted to explore another corner of Belfast and so I was heading to the Ormeau park which is on the other side of the Lagan. Apart from the heavy rain in between times the park is very big and beautiful. There I spended some hours before I was heading in the direction to the Titanic Quarter. I past some monuments, the Titanic and some wall paintings which adorn the streets. A while later I was a bit shocked because I almost arrived at the airport George Best. According to Google maps the whole way to the airport is about 5,6 miles(!) but I am sure my way was even longer because I had taken a few detours because of Ingress. All I can say is that I was a total of seven hours on foot.

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Express Train

Yesterday (thursday 18th) wasn’t much going on, on work but it did not bother me. So I choosed a model for the 3D printer and printed it. In the break Konrad and I bought a hole chicken because we wanted something different in the evening. But guess what? We forgot to take it out of the fridge after work because we were distracted since we went once again to the Ulster museum with our colleagues to check the technology for an upcoming event.

On friday when I arrived on my work I first checked my model I printed yesterday and I have to say it looked really good and I was statisfied. Immediately afterwards we started a new print which should be six hours. Meanwhile there was even a task; we had dismantled the computer of a coworker and built it elsewhere. Because there were three of us everything was quickly finished.

But the best of today is coming now… like always, Konrad and I have entered the train towards home but this time with our chicken we forgot the day before. After the train left the Great Victoria street I was wondering why we were driving so fast know. Konrad was looking really confused and shortly thereafter we roared past our stop… well done! Why doesn’t the train stopped at our station?! It was because we were on the express train… We could do nothing else exept for waiting even we had no tickets for the area and were a bit restless. Eventually, the train stopped in Lisbourn. Together with our chicken in our hands, we changed the platform and drove about 20 minutes back to our home station.

At the end we both could laugh about it and I even know what I am going to do on the weekend.

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Again friday

Today it’s friday again. The time here in Ireland is running so fast. The last days wasn’t much to do, so I had time for my private projects on my servers. At work the 3D printer still prints the whole day. This time Konrad and I printed the bottom part of a Groot figure. Groot is a charakter of the movie „Guardians of the galaxy“ and it looks like bark of a tree or even a little tree but without the treetop and branches. I never thought this will turn out so great!

Yesterday I thought about cleaning the office because it looked like a real nerd home. The whole tables were filled with computer parts and a lot of computers. As we cleaned all up our colleague Gareth was very glad. If I could be always this motivated…

After lunch we drove together with our colleague Gareth to the Ulster museum because we had to check the beamer, some displays and computers for an upcoming event.

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3D Printing at Work

Today I noticed that I never mentioned in any blog that we have a 3D printer on work. Luckily we are allowed to „play around“ with it because we need to find out which settings you should use. Since almost day one the printer hardly stands still because we are basically always printing. After the first failed models, there are now more and more that looks really good. For example we printed a support for the printer that holds the material roll. Indeed this was a very good idea since it always happened that the material has not unrolled well.

Among other things I wasn’t much outside these days because I had to do some urgent things on my webserver. Also the hole server inclusive all databases and websites had to move and bought up to date. All that cost me some time as this had to happen in a live operation and unfortunately in one configuration were some stupid errors. Typical layer 8 problem.

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