Let the music flow !!!

I just recognized it is already Wednesday, oh shoot. Time really flies by if you do things you really like (or don’t look at the watch). The second week just started and at the same time it is already ending. I think I need either to do more stuff to keep me busy or think of something useful.

None the less, all this mumbling still doesn’t resolve the title. Well then, let me enlighten you. „Let the music flow !!!“ weiterlesen

The first weekend and some overall thoughts

Today I thought about writing about the whole weekend, since it was, in my opinion, not enough to fill one whole article with one day. Thus I’ll start with Saturday, where we were at the St. George’s Market. It is, as the name already says, a rather big market where you can buy fresh made food, some art or jewellery and even meat that is brought fresh from the local farms. The whole market is in a big open building sou you can walk around rather freely.

IMG_20170513_130813 „The first weekend and some overall thoughts“ weiterlesen

getting to know the museum and it’s hidden tehnologies

Today we were on a little trip around the museums closest to us, to see where all the IT-related technology is hidden. You normally would not believe how much hidden things there are in a museum about transport or the old Irish culture. But I won’t go to much into details because that is usually kept a secret. ;-P

IMG_20170511_091419 „getting to know the museum and it’s hidden tehnologies“ weiterlesen