Exploration tour

On Monday, 02.04.2018, we had free and this meant for me to sleep long. For breakfast there was cereal and the leftovers of our spaghetti from the day before. After Jennifer, Phi and I have finished our breakfast we went to the Tesco Store near us. We There we bought minced meat for meatballs, fries and salad. After our little shopping trip we invited Giang, Son, Tim and Omar for dinner at 18 pm o’clock.


As usual in Northern Ireland it rained again, but this did not stop me and phi from exploring the area and to look at our new workplace. On the way we saw many different areas and even a small march parade, which played music. Unfortunately, we were over an hour on the road and the rain was getting stronger. When we finally got back home we were completely soaked.



Meanwhile, it was already almost 6 pm and Giang, Son, Tim and Omar standing in front of the door. After having cooked and eaten together, we played the card game known as „Uno“ until late in the evening. We thought up some new rules to make the game funnier.

After our visit back home, Jennifer, Phi and I cleaned up a bit. Then I went to bed and watched a few episodes from one of my favorite series.



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    1. I watched the anime named „Shokugeki no Souma“. It’s a series about cooking.

      P.S.: I always getting hungry when I watch this anime. 😀

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