Intern Europe meeting, it’s getting serious and fitness

Day 3 03.04.2018 Tuesday


Today we met at 10:00 a.m. in the intern europe office to get important information concerning our stay here.

Intern europe office

First we watched a video about Belfast with a few impressions about activities we can do here and basic informations about belfast like the 4 districts. After that we got some information about our stay at belfast. For example where we are going to work, when we will start working, the dress code, rules that we have to consider at our accommodation, who we have to contact if something is broken at the accommodation or what we’ve got to do if we get ill.

Their employees also answered any questions from our side.

Afterwards we had a small sightseeing tour through the center of Belfast guided by an employee of intern europe. She recommended us good and affordable places to visit. Our tour ended at the translink (the local travel centre) ticket counter, so those in need of a ticket could buy one.

After that a part of our group went to the tesco superstore by taxi because they don’t have one in their area. As soon as they finished shopping, they visited me and Giang and we showed them our room. Finally we had delicious and inexpensive lunch at Subway. You can get a half 15 cm meatball sub and a drink (500 ml) for just 2 pounds in belfast. There a lot of subway stores in Belfast.

In the afternoon I met with Niall. Niall lives in Belfast and already knew my girlfriend, who was working in Northern Ireland a few months earlier. She made sure that we got in touch as soon as I arrived in Belfast, so that we could get to know each other and he could show me around a bit. We met at the city hall and went to the Caffe Nero to get a preworkout drink. Luckily Niall is also a lot in to fitness, so he took me to the Hyrid fitness academy gym for a workout. We did some mobility training before we started with the actual training. Our training started with exercises like this one: “3x 80-100kg sprint sled [sprinting + pulling] 100m”. The second one was “3x 100 kg farmers walk  100m” and the last exercise was “Bear walk 2 x 50 m”. It was a very tough workout but great.

Afterwards we went to a burrito store named “boojum” and ate (surprise) a burrito. Niall also informed me a little bit about my location, about the busses and recommended gyms to which I could go.

While he walked me back home ( very kind of him), we were talking a lot and sharing some experience with each other. Niall already visited Germany several times, so we were able to compare many things.
I am very thankful for our meeting and for all his tips and help.

After all this I went to Tims house because we wanted to cook together and play cards together with the other students. The game was called “Der Große Dalmuti”.

All in all I’ve got to say, that it was a very tough but also very amusing day.

For now I’ll relax and at the evening we will make ourselves a nice dinner. I just hope that I can stick to my sport routine and get used to it again soon.


Thinking of tomorrow makes me very nervous because it is going to be my first day of work at my company. I’ll see how it’s going to be.


P.S.: It still rains a lot in Belfast. Really. A lot. If you guys want to visit Belfast better get some waterproof clothes and shoes as well as an umbrella.

After the sightseeing tour at the city hall