Meeting with Interneurope

Today we met at 10 a.m. at the Interneurope office to get some information about our stay. First, we were introduced to the city of Belfast with a small video. Furthermore, we got a lot of information what we have to pay attention to, what rules we should follow and what we can do in our spare time. After we clarified a few more formalities, we were led around in the city. On the tour we got some more tips on how we can spend our free time, in an inexpensive way. Finally we arrived at translink, where you could buy a ticket for the bus and the train.


After meeting, a few of us takes the taxi to the Tesco superstore where we could buy plenty of food and drink for the next few days. When we finished shopping, Giang and Son showed us their apartment. Then we went to Subway and ate a little. Since we did not want to walk home with our purchase, Jennifer, Phi and I took a taxi for the way back. Arriving home, we cleaned up and stowed our food.


Now I’m looking forward to tomorrow as this will be my first day of work here in Belfast.