My first rainy days in Belfast

It’s my third day here in Belfast and I can say that Belfast is completely different than Berlin.
There are mainly only houses and a lot of rain here. My internship in Belfast  started with a bumpy start. The plane to belfast took off after a one hour delay and our first bus ride in Belfast was in a big traffic jam.

I am living with Jennifer Preuß and Dominik Probst in a very nice accommodation. The accommodation has everything what we need. I really love our kitchen and my favourite place to hang out is our living room. In the first three days Dominik, Jennifer and I explored our neighborhood and we already supplied us with food and household goods at the supermarket „Tesco“. In the first day Jennifer cooked spaghetti with bolognese for us and on Monday we invited Giang, Son and Tim to dinner. We all cooked together and had a lot of fun with Uno. Today we had an appointment with Intern Europe. Formalities were discussed and we made a walk through the city.

I find it very beautiful here and I am looking forward to tomorrow as it will be my first day of work in Belfast.