My first day at work

Even before the day really started, I was pretty excited about what will happen to me today. I got up shortly before 8:00 am. I took a shower and ate a snack for breakfast. Full of energy, I want to go now, but it was only 8.30 … So I had plenty of time before I could go. After a quick thought about what I should do now, I decided to get my laptop out and read some blog posts from the others. About an hour later, I was on my way to my new workplace.


Before I write about my first day at work I would like to say a few words about the company.

For the next two months I will work for a small startup consisting of a five-person team. As the name of the company „Venuebooker“ already implies, they deal with the marketing of events. As it will turn out for me later, this is not the only industry in which they operate.


By now it is almost 10 a.m. and I arrived at my new company. I was greeted by a young woman, who gave me the wireless password and showed me where I can sit down. Shortly thereafter, the CEO named John came up to me and said that he would be away for a meeting for the next 30 minutes.

Thus, I was now completely alone in the house and my only task was to connect my cell phone to the WLAN, which was done after a few seconds.

Honestly said, I felt a little helpless at that moment and did not really know what to do.

After John was back from the meeting, he proudly presented me his whiskey stones (a kind of ice cube without water), which he would sell on Amazon soon. He also wants to offer online cocktail preparation courses.

My task for the day was to watch videos on YouTube about the topics „How to create an online course“ and „How to launch a new product on amazon“.


At around 3 pm I went home with mixed feelings. I think it’s not really what I imagined. Instead of dealing with IT-related topics, I now deal with the marketing of products.


Venuebooker office