Working in Belfast

After I woke up, I was very excited, because today is my first day at tdrnetworks. Everything was packed for work and for breakfast I had leftovers from dinner yesterday. After I finished my breakfast, I left for work. A thirty minutes walk later I arrived at my workplace. Excited, I knocked on the door and was greeted by Graeme, an employee of tdrnetworks.

He took me to my workplace where I met my supervisor Keith Osborne, who is also the CEO of tdrnetworks. Keith immediately offered me a coffee and biscuits. While the coffee was boiling, Keith told me what I would do in the next few weeks and that he already has a project for me. In the project, I’m going to create the front- and backend of a new website for a client. My main focus will be working with linux. But My first task was to build with Graeme some computers for a costumer. After the first computer was assembled and running the Windows 10 installation, Graeme showed me the company’s workflows, servers, and data centers.

I was invited by Keith for lunch. We drove to a restaurant and we all ate steak wraps together and chatted about different topics. Because tdrnetworks is a small company, there is a relaxed atmosphere all the time and my colleagues take great care of me. After all computers were finished for the customer, my first working day was already over.

I am happy to do my internship at tdrnetworks and hope that I will learn a lot in the next weeks! And one more thing: Keith owns 2 cute cats!

PS: I love cats