Explore the city

Even history has to be. In the early afternoon we decided to go to the city center today. At 3 pm we met in front of the City Hall. The City Hall of Belfast was built at the beginning of the 20th century and meanwhile serves as a museum. Since the entrance was free, we decided to go in and spend a little bit of time with the history of the city. In one room there was a throne on which one could sit down to take some pictures. Due to some backgrounds, which I will explain in more detail another time, I was forced to put on the robe and sit on the throne.


Long live the King without crown


After our tour of the museum we went to Victoria Square. This is an open-plan shopping center with an observation deck that overlooks much of the city. Of course, we went up there to take a couple of pictures.

In the evening we decided to cook together again and use up the leftovers from the day before. We played very long cards again. When we was in a more private round and only Giang, Son, Jennie, Phi and I were there, we played „Truth or Dare“ until very late in the night. But I will not reveal anything more accurate. 😀