The first week is over.

On Wednesday the 4th of April 2018 I had one day more free time, because my Supervisor was still in the holidays. So I had enough time to learn. Dominik and Phi cames rly early back from the work.












On Thursday the 5th of April 2018 I had my first working day. My colleagues are really friendly. I will have a lot to do. I will change the Website from Datactics. After my work I had my first football training by Cliftonville Ladies. They are so good I belive I will a lot learn from this team. After my training I was so hungry and tired.







On Friday the 6th of April 2018 I was on the work and after my work, I was by my meeting with the Intern Europe. After our meeting, we gone together to Tesco to shopping food for our dinner. We cooked Asia food. After our dinner we played a lot games together.



On Saturday the 7th of April 2018 I standed up at 10 am. After my breakfast we met us at the City Hall. We saw a lot of the history from Northern Ireland. I would say we had a lot fun on this day. After the tour in the City Hall we gone to the Victoria Square because at the top of the Victoria Square you can see the City. After the Victoria Square we gone togehter back at home to eat the rest from the last day.